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Luv-A-Rug Disinfecting Investment Pays Off, Donations Made to Rapid Relief Fund

With COVID-19 infecting the cruise industry Luv-A-Rug decided to invest in disinfecting machines. I reached out to Stephen "Dusty" Roberts of Luv-A-Rug to discuss their donation and how COVID-19 has affected their business.

Tell us about your business

We love rugs, we love the art form, we love history, we love the cultures of the weavers, and we use our success to love and give back to our community. This effort is our way of showing our love and support for the community.

When COVID-19 started, we were concerned with the looming pandemic, but we decided very early that we would figure out how to excel in this changing business environment. We invested in decontamination equipment, which is now available for rent, and we learned and implemented safe protocols for working together and with the public.

We decided to have a positive response to the situation, as a service provider, we always aim to be the best-of-the-best in our field. This attitude has been our culture here for about six years now. We try to be better than last year, last month, last week and even yesterday, and we are always looking for ways to improve our service and end product.

How are you helping your local business community?

We recently offered a two-for-one rug washing with a "token of your love" sale. It helps raise money for businesses that have been devastated by the economic shutdown.

It helps raise money for businesses that have been devastated by the economic shutdown.

Our business is thriving, and we are fortunate for that. We wanted to help others who are struggling. So we have adopted a local fundraiser that dispurses the founds that our promotion raises to agencies throughout Victoria.
Our clients can opt-in to the initiative by agreeing to a donation. From there - we wash every other rug for free! So far the majority of our clients are giving more than we are donating in services, it's been a rewarding experience!

How can members of the community donate?

If you can, please donate to the Rapid Relief Fund

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